Ahhhh…the master bedroom – a space where you spend a third of your life, a room of one’s own. At Hannah Lowe Interiors, we believe that the bedroom should be a sanctuary of the house, where it wouldn’t be out of place to cue up some relaxing spa music. It should be a room tailored exactly to our client’s personality and needs – because catering to guests everywhere else in the house is plenty hospitable, wouldn’t you say?

When our client, a hardworking doctor with a grueling schedule, came to us to transform her small bedroom into a relaxing oasis, we knew that we were going to bring out all of the luxe and romantic details to create a tranquil space where she will unwind at the end of her long days. Set in the rolling hills of Orinda, this project features unique architectural details, a soothing, textured palette, and custom touches that lend a traditional and sophisticated atmosphere.

We explore the most refreshing details of this primary bedroom design, wrapped in crisp french blue, below. 

Chic Bedroom Retreat in Orinda

Soft & Textured Palette

The client originally requested a neutral palette, afraid that color and bold choices would be too chaotic for her personal bedroom. Instead of straying from color entirely, we suggested a limited palette that will be easy on the eyes, while still introducing subtle color to the space. We were immediately drawn to this serene blue paint from Benjamin Moore. Gorgeous cream accents balance the color scheme of cool tones, that still manage to feel stately and warm. Working with a simple palette allowed us to thoughtfully lean into textures and lines. We chose fluted nightstands from Bernhardt in white-washed wood and tarnished pewter , as well as organically textured table lamps from Arteriors to warm up the space and give it charm.

Chic Bedroom Retreat in Orinda

Custom Details

In a world of minimalism and harsh edges, we were thrilled that our client let us introduce a custom headboard design with floral upholstery in a wingback style. These traditional details bring timeless elegance to the space. The small-scale, understated pattern of the bedding strikes the perfect balance. Because effortlessness was of the essence to this client, we knew that there could be no additional “work” required of her when making the bed. If we were to include a lot of pillows, they must be the kind she would leap towards when heading upstairs for a good night’s sleep. We chose perfectly imperfect, crinkled linens and an oversized insert, so it’s easy for the client to make the bed look as good as it did on install day.

Chic Bedroom Retreat in Orinda

Can you believe that the romantic, cascading drapes in this bedroom are actually heavy duty blackout window treatments? They ensure that our client gets the rejuvenating rest she needs after a long day on her feet. The heavy, buttery cream fabric billows beautifully in the natural light, establishing drama and accentuating the unique architecture of the space. These window treatments, which perfectly blend aesthetic and function, look clean and rich on the structured valence, while the raw form of the white iron Arteriors chandelier takes center stage.

Chic Bedroom Retreat in Orinda

Luxurious Finishes

We carried the traditional charm of our custom designs throughout the room with classic accessories and luxurious finishes. Wallpaper was out of the budget for this project, so we went for a statement wainscoting design as an alternative. Not only does the detailing coordinate well with the traditional style, but it also distracts from the fact that the angles of the bedroom were not conducive to hanging artwork. This bedroom is in a loft with a pony wall that could be seen as an obstacle. Instead of hiding these features, we were able to showcase them. It’s always the challenging aspects of a space that become the pleasantly surprising focal point of the design.

In the sitting area, we selected a tufted chair from Anthropologie in a rich blue velvet upholstery. The color bleeds into the blue Benjamin Moore paint on the walls, creating a sense of refined, monochromatic sophistication. The inviting curves of the chair are a stylish contrast to the sleek lines and brassy finish on the Jamie Young floor lamp beside it.

Chic Bedroom Retreat in Orinda

When you are ready to create a primary bedroom design that serves as your sanctuary from the world and encourages your deepest rest, contact Hannah Lowe Interiors.

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